ALH Group believes that individuals have the right to choose to consume alcohol in licensed venues as a form of social activity. We have a responsibility to deliver best practice in terms of our service of alcohol and to set a positive example to our customers and to other licensees. To prevent underage drinking in our venues we require valid proof of age to be presented by young adults on our premises.

Ethics In Practice

  • ALH Group does not promote any practice which may encourage rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol
  • ALH Group actively participates in local liquor accords, forums and appropriate industry bodies

ALH Group Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy

  • ALH Group is committed to conducting all aspects of alcohol service in a professional and responsible manner, complying with all applicable laws and adhering to endorsed Liquor Service Codes of Practice.
  • Management and staff are aware of and adhere to all the rules and regulations applicable to responsible service of alcohol in each State.
  • ALH Group endeavours to provide a safe and friendly environment in which all customers can socialise and enjoy themselves.
  • ALH Group does not sanction or approve of any promotions that may encourage the rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol in any of its venues. Employees are required to encourage and promote responsible consumption of alcohol.
  • ALH Group acknowledges that drunkenness, under-age drinking and alcoholism are serious social issues and therefore supports initiatives that assist in addressing and preventing these issues.
  • Our staff endeavour to prevent underage drinking in our venues by requiring valid proof of age from young adults to be presented in the form of an Australian driver's licence, passport or other proof of age card permitted under applicable State law.
  • ALH Group will continue to provide employee education and customer awareness programs on the Responsible Service of Alcohol.