ALH Group offers quality dining experiences throughout Australia, with over 280 of our venues operating restaurants or bistros. The majority of these hotels focus on family dining, offering child-friendly facilities and playgrounds to supplement spacious 50-400 seat capacities.

We employ more than 900 fully-qualified chefs and over 150 apprentices who prepare in excess of 60,000 meals a day - some 20 million meals a year. Our army of chefs prepares 1.3 million kilograms of beef, 1 million kilograms of chicken and 700 thousands kilograms of fish every year - not to mention the 3 million kilograms of hot chips served alongside.

The ALH Group understands the importance of using the best ingredients. To this end, we have our own 'Graziers' Quality Assurance Scheme where every piece of beef meets stringent criteria and is sourced from leading Australian grazing areas to guarantee the highest quality and tenderness. Graziers beef has minimum specifications in meat ageing and a minimum of 60 days fed on grain to ensure that our guests consistently enjoy healthy, tasty, highest quality beef.

We endeavour to offer our customers great food and great value, so we have set up our own website,, clearly showing all the great food deals and dining specials we have in all our venues. Log on to get the best deal closest to you