The ALH Group is committed to providing responsible gambling in our venues. Whilst gambling is enjoyed by the majority of people responsibly, ALH Group acknowledges that problem gambling is a serious community issue and that a small proportion of customers are harmed by their gambling activities.

Our goal is to ensure our hotels provide a safe and supportive environment where our customers make informed decisions about gambling and timely appropriate assistance and information is provided.

ALH Group believes that the industry, government, community and individual have a shared responsibility for the promotion, development and practice of responsible gambling.

Our objective is for our gaming facilities to be enjoyed as a social recreation by responsible individuals who choose to use them.

ALH Group actively supports the promotion and encouragement of responsible gambling.

Ethics In Practice

  • ALH Group has initiated a Responsible Gambling Ambassador Program nationally. David Schwarz, who played 173 games for the Melbourne Football Club, and is a football commentator and media personality, fills this role. David has overcome a gambling problem, and ALH Group has worked with him to provide employee education and customer awareness about the importance of "being honest with yourself about your gambling."
  • ALH Group does not participate in any campaign that might promote problem gambling.

Self Exclusion Programs

The key aim of Self Exclusion is to “To assist individuals who have decided to limit their access to gaming machines to implement that decision”

A self-exclusion program is a program offered to individuals who wish to voluntarily exclude themselves from one or more gaming venues. The common feature of self-exclusion programs across jurisdictions is an agreement by a person to certain obligations and the forgoing of some rights of the self-excluded person including:

  • Agreeing not to enter the gaming area and not to play gaming machines at the nominated venue(s) or not to enter the venue at all;
  • Authorising staff to stop them from entering or remaining in a gaming area or a venue that they are excluded from;
  • Authorising photographs and personal details to be taken and disseminated to relevant venues and for the venues to display the photographs;
  • Acknowledging that nominated venues or their staff have no legal duty implied by the self-exclusion deed;
  • Waiving the right to sue venues they have nominated to exclude from, their staff or the program administrator on the grounds of assault, defamation or failing in a duty of care to exclude;
  • Accepting their personal responsibility to stay away.

Counselling and Support

If your gambling becomes a problem, please ask one of our staff for help or contact your free, independant and confidential state based counselling services by calling 1800 858 858 or visiting

ALH Group Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct (Victorian Venues)

ALH Group is committed to providing the highest standards of customer care and responsible gambling. As part of this commitment we have made available the following documents.

Responsible Gambling Customer Information (South Australian Venues)

For a copy of the responsible gambling information that is found in our hotels, please click on the links below. This information is also available in languages other than English.

Our South Australian customers are encouraged to see the problem gambling website for further gambling help resources in their state:

You know the score. Stay in control. Gamble Responsibly.